About Paajes Oy.

Paajes Oy (Ltd.) is a family company with more than 40 years of experience in OEM and industrial sales, retail sales, marketing  as well as project management in the Northern Europe. 

Together with our clients we make sure we achieve our goals by using easy and successful strategies.

We keep our customers happy with a straightforward communication and timely support. 

To stay fresh we make sure we represent an innovative and compact project portfolio.



Paajes Oy represent Period Pack in Finland.

As new for 2022 Paajes Oy will launch the Maus Stixx Pro in Finland.

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Mr. Jan Paajes

+358 50 5050 546





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Jan Paajes
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MAUS Stixx Pro - Winner of The Best Electrical News in Sweden in  2021.

MAUS Xtin Klein - Winner of the Innovations Awards in France in 2021.

The Founders of Period Pack Sweden AB - Winners of the Entrepreneurs of the year Awards in Örebro 2021.